Thursday, October 8, 2009

有机九烤韩国竹盐,9-Roasted Korean Bamboo Salt

在此为大家介绍。。它的味道好像鸡蛋壳。What is Bamboo Salt?
Korean Bamboo Salt is made of 100% raw seasalt placing into salt cylinder and sealed with red clay and roasted with pine wood for 8 hours. when the process is repeated for 3 times, it is called 3-roast bamboo salt and 9-roast bamboo salt when it is repeated for 9 times. Bamboo salt absorbed the trace elements and minerals from pine wood, bamboo and red clay which is very rich in vital minerals needed by human body.


  1. Thanks for sharing. 1st time saw this bamboo salt. Can we use for our daily cooking ?

  2. yes, but a bit expensive, one tin abt rm26. normally, i mix it in water to drink when having sore throat or after eating oily food..

  3. I need this, I need this, I started to getting sore throat, too much of eating nasi lemak and baking stuffs. Where can I get this? Thanks for sharing.

  4. sonia, u may get this in organic shop. even after eat durian also very effective oh..but the taste like egg shell, not many ppl can accept..hope u like the taste..