Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new life in office - cactus

just add 6 pcs cactus to my office desk. when i tired i wil look at these cactus and make a smile. may be it can reduce my stress. my neighbour - mira, she ask me a silly question.
Mira: Charlotte, if the plant bigger then hw? change the pasu?
Charlotte: No la. this type is small one la.. How can grow big... haha...
Both of us smile... hahahaha
hope this cactus can last long... can bring fun to us...


a simple greeting.. but full of wishes.. hope u enjoy tonite dinner. a slice of cake, a steak n my favourite prawn macaroni with cheese.. iced blended green tea.. 1st time test.. yummy..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

cameron highland金马仑高原



after cameron, we having the movie... i laugh from the beginning till the end... that day reali a happy day for me.. coz long time didnt laugh like this... thanks..

CNY 2009

gong xi fa chai to my parents... and get the angpau..