Thursday, January 22, 2009

lucky draw...2009

tomorrow my co is orgenize a lucky draw and buffet dinner. due to economic crisis, all the supplier sponsorship become lesser. last year still can see the oven, vacumm machine, and so on.. but this yr just some small small present like kettle, juicer.. and hamper become this yr favourite.. because price ok and look bigger..
last yr i get a dvd player and give to my mum as a cny present because her dvd player is a bit lag.. time passes very fast.. one yr d.. this yr dunno wat i get.. hear that only draw 10 present and we got 15 staff, so got 5 ppl cant get the present.. i think i am the one of the five.. coz i always dun hv this kind of luck..anyway, i hope all of us also can get one present. at least all ppl also happy rather than bring nothing to home.. so i hope co will contribute the balance of the hamper to us as a appreciation and this will bring happiness to all of us.. especially me..haha..
today i not able to finish to pack the lucky draw number into the angpau..wil be continue tomorrow..tomorrow i still need to rush out the quotation to c'. hope he not blame me as i didnt pass the quotation to him by today.. i already try my best to get ready, the only thing left is need someone to verify.. i promise, after verify, i will email to you immediately..

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